Jennifer Lamp

Principal Investigator

I am a geomorphologist and geochemist with interests in polar surface processes. My research focuses on the mechanisms and rates of rock breakdown in extreme, hyper-arid environments like Antarctica, and the fluctuations of ice sheets and alpine glaciers. I employ a combination of field-based methods (acoustic emission monitoring, micrometeorological monitoring) and numerical methods to determine the processes responsible for rock weathering in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica. I use cosmogenic nuclide surface exposure dating techniques to determine rock erosion rates, and to date glacial deposits in Antarctica and the Arctic. My primary cosmogenic tool is the noble gas He-3, but I also make use of the radioisotopes C-14, Be-10, Al-26, and Cl-36. I began at LDEO as a postdoc in 2016, and am currently at Associate Research Scientist.